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My third game with Unity Engine, released on my previous website then later on This was a prototype for a lawnmowing/harvesting game, which I briefly considered expanding (designed environments vs. the simple one I did for testing, multiple types of mowers and harvesters, upgrades and so on). I currently have no plans to take this further than it already is.

System Requirements: Modern gaming laptop or desktop, keyboard, mouse, high speed internet and a compatible web browser (Chrome 77+, Edge 79+, Firefox 74+, ..and probably Safari 16+). Mobile devices are not supported.

Bagged!: WebGL. Free. A lawnmowing prototype, the last of my hobbyist projects to be made available. One scenario to play, with a leaderboard for one so inclined. May be played with gamepad/joystick or WASD/keyboard.

Gameplay Video

This basically serves as a trailer for the game, as there isn't much else to the prototype beyond what's shown. The current version of the game has a new UI theme and other minor changes.


I'll eventually get around to adding a contact form here, but feel free to send a private message on Unity Forums for chat or email address. As this website is mostly only known by other developers at the moment, alternatives are low priority.

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