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A first person shooter work in progress, internally called "HTS" or "Horror Themed Shooter" for now, as it's technically still untitled. I won't be providing screenshots or videos just yet - mostly because I haven't set up age verification on the website, but also because it's not so far along that it's worth showing and it won't likely be continued soon. That said, it's still one of my most recent projects.

Features include custom enemy AI (currently a number of vicious animals), factions (one kind of animal may defend another kind if attacked, or ignore it unless their own kind is attacked etc.), dynamic animation selection and blending system including related audio variation (for example each howl of a wolf sounds a bit different), hybrid ragdoll deaths (a hoof/etc. near the ground may push against it while the enemy is dying, if the body happens to roll that way), quadruped IK foot placement similar in quality to that implemented in the lawnmowing prototype, skinned mesh decals of gunshot wounds, enemies exploding into bloody chunks if hit with grenades, weapons/ammo that can be picked up (occasionally-flashing weapons on the ground/etc. with graphics/info that appears on hovering the crosshair over it), a number of weapons already implemented (handgun, assault rifle, shotgun, knife, grenades) and a couple of others mostly ready as well (sniper rifle, rocket launcher), day/night cycles, modified lighting for more dramatic flashlights, campfires etc., and my test world for it is much larger than those of my other games. It's also working smoothly in WebGL, although I haven't decided if a version will be released for it, mostly due to how much needs to be downloaded in order to play.

Additional details may be revealed in the future, but as this project is currently sidelined by others having higher priority, I can't give any estimate on when that might be. However, as it's 1 of the 5 games used to test my primary framework, it will continue to be a viable option for the forseeable future (as in, it could become my priority overnight, if I happen to completely lose interest in something else I'm working on and shift my focus back to it). I'm classifying this under Hobby Projects for now, but it may end up intended for commercial release ($) when continued.


I'll eventually get around to adding a contact form here, but feel free to send a private message on Unity Forums for chat or email address. As this website is mostly only known by other developers at the moment, alternatives are low priority.

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