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My second game with Unity Engine, released on my previous website then later on Originally this and Casual Racing were combined, but I ended up seperating them and focusing on learning and coding the features that each required and finishing them seperately. It will not likely be expanded or see any significant updates.

System Requirements: Modern gaming laptop or desktop, keyboard, mouse, high speed internet and a compatible web browser (Chrome 77+, Edge 79+, Firefox 74+, ..and probably Safari 16+). Mobile devices are not supported.

Tower Offense: WebGL. Free. 3 worlds with 3 "base areas" each. Most easily played with a keyboard and mouse, although gamepads/joysticks are supported and remappable. Various objectives, leaderboards and deferred multiplayer (score attack vs. ghosts/replays).

Gameplay Video

The video below shows completing 1 world of the 3 included (the others being desert and tropical environments). The current version of the game has a new UI theme, font, named bases and other minor changes.


I'll eventually get around to adding a contact form here, but feel free to send a private message on Unity Forums for chat or email address. As this website is mostly only known by other developers at the moment, alternatives are low priority.

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