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You agree that you will not willfully hack, break things, or perform any other malicious activities directly or indirectly. You agree that you will only upload an avatar (the image used on a profile) for which you are legally able to license its use as such, and you confirm that you are granting such license by doing so. Due to the nature of online gaming and features, it may be displayed in games, on websites, in promotional materials, videos and/or screenshots.

This website, content provided by me here (or elsewhere), my games and services for games (including but not limited to user profiles and leaderboards) are provided as-is and for use at own risk, with no implied suitability or fitness for any particular purpose. There is no guarantee made for availability or persistence - accounts/profiles, scores and replays or other data may be deleted or lost without notice or explanation, and services may be unavailable or unreachable either temporarily or permanently - whether due to my actions (deliberate or accidental) or due to external influences beyond my control. My apologies for any loss of savegames or other data or lack of access to services, should there ever be any.

I understand that making my games and services available may subject them to reverse engineering, decompilation, redistribution or other unintended consequences that anyone releasing games or services may be subjected to. If you learn anything useful as a result of such efforts, I'm happy to have helped you out! However, please note that while I am licensed to use everything I've made use of, your ability to extract such things (code, textures, audio, etc.) does not mean you are as well. By using something taken from my game in your own, you may be violating someone else's license / not legally be able to use it yourself. I don't care for taking legal action, but others may.

These terms will be expanded should there be any need or feedback requesting additional clarity about anything in particular. Where interpretation of these terms or my Privacy Policy is in question, please contact me for clarification.

These terms should be understood to clearly indicate that I shall not be held liable for anything in connection with my websites, games or services. Failure to agree indicates rejection of these terms, in which case your access is not authorized.

For playing games on, the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy are also in effect.

These terms and my Privacy Policy are subject to change without notice.

Adam Golden

Updated: August 13th, 2023


I'll eventually get around to adding a contact form here, but feel free to send a private message on Unity Forums for chat or email address. As this website is mostly only known by other developers at the moment, alternatives are low priority.

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